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SmelltheSeoul is also publishing books inspired by strangers walking through both their unique and normal days. 

스멜더서울은 자기만의 일상을 만들어가는 이방인을 위한 책을 펴내는 출판 일도 함께 하고 있습니다. 



나의 열무를 위한 꽃병 
​The Vase for My Yeoulmu

is upcoming! in 2023. Ji-yu is currently researching how travelers: immigrants can shift their sustainable lifestyle to Korean society 


더 한국적 느낌 The Korean Mood (2021, 2023)

어느 한 나라의 문화에 관해서 이야기를 풀어나갈 때 우리는 다양한 기호를 마주한다. 그 기호들 속에선 국가들의 크고 작은 힘겨루기와 엔터테인먼트 및 미디어가 양산하는 스테레오타입이 자연스럽게 묻어 나온다. 한국에 이민을 오는 이들에겐 그리고 한국을 막 알아가기 시작한 이들에겐 어떤 기호들이 도움이 될까? 책 ‘더 한국적 느낌 The Korean Mood'는 독자들이 이러한 요소들을 빛, 공기, 냄새의 움직임처럼 사진을 통해 자유롭게 넘나들기를 바라는 마음으로 만들어진 책이다. 작가는 독자들이 책을 읽는 동안 한국 사회를 직관적으로 느끼며 그들의 개인적 문화가 한국문화와 함께 어울리기를 권한다.

When we talk about a culture at a national level, we encounter various signs. In the signs, we inevitably see the political competition between countries and the stereotypes mass-produced by entertainment and media. What are some of the symbols that could help those who immigrate to Korea and those who have just begun to get to know Korea?  The book "더 한국적 느낌 The Korean Mood" is a book made with the hope that readers are free from artificial cultural signs and feel the culture through photographs like the movement of light, air, and smell. The author recommends that readers intuitively feel Korean society while reading and that their personal culture mingles with Korean culture.

You can buy the eBook and the paper book (Click a swimmer on your right) at the Kyobo Book shop. 

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Inclusive Intelligence to Develop Essential Skills , Actioning Inclusion(2021), Co-authoring

You can read this article 'Inclusive Intelligence to Develop Essential Skills' (Click a swimmer on your right) at the Academia , and do you want to read a boo? Please directly contact me. I can help you.

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Authors: Aaliya Ali, María Belén Arrechea , Ji-yu Bak, Daisy Boujawdeh, Ali Elhami, Maria Gallego-Gonzalez, Kristina Ganchenko, Amrah Hermayen, Miriam Lohmann, Vincent Merk (YS Advisor), Nadège Minos Vincent Morvan, Qi Meng , Ishita Ray, Anita Rosha

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