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The Taste Of Making You a Kind Person: Crab’s Tomalley Pasta, Ggudduck Ggudduck -Fusion Korean Food

Bak Ji-yu

Aug 26, 2022

The Way To Imagine a Sustainable Korean Table

Crab’s Tomalley Pasta

^ Fast and Dynamic Seoul Lifestyle and my Crab's Tomalley Pasta

What is Ggudduck Ggudduck?

Gggudduck Guggduck means the texture of food in Korean

For example,

My chocolate souffle is Gggudduck Guggduck.

My cream based sauce pasta is Gggudduck Guggduck.

My cheeze cake is Gggudduck Guggduck.

My brownie is Gggudduck Guggduck.


Fry Pan, Big Spoon, Tongs, Cheeze Microplan


Milk (Option: Almond, Oat Milk, Soy Milk, Milk), Mushroom, 대게장[DaegaeJang], Shrimp, Pasta Noddle, Cheeze(Option: Grana Padano, Parmesan), Perilla seed powder, Ground Garlic, Salt, Cooking Oil

So! Korean Korean Ingredients (If you need more details, click the underlined texts)

^ Perilla seed powder _ no advertisement.

Perilla seed powder has a deep, earthy taste with a touch of minty, herbal flavor. The powder adds a nutty, grassy & earthy flavor to spicy Korean stews - it's quite a unique flavor! The powder is also used to season namul (wild veggie) banchans and Temple-Style Korean cooking. extracted from the website Gochjar

^DaegaeJang _ no advertisement.

^Ground Garlic_ no advertisement.


1. In a pot of slated boiling water, cook pasta noodle until all you like. Meanwhile, cutting your Spring Onion, muschrooms cleaning and cutting shripms as well. (as many as you want)

*Tips for cooking noodle: Following the recipes from the noodle package:) or drained water 1-2 mintues earlier to have enough time for making sauces.

3. Add pasta noodle to another dish and coating the noodle with cooking oil to prevent dry.

4. In a pot over medium heat, heat oil. Add shrimp and ground garil and fry it. Pour them to the noodle plate.

5. Again fry the mushroom in the same pan. After cooking mushroom, pouring the milk to the pan for making your sauce.(My option was Oat Milk). Waiting for boiling it.

6. Then scatter over the cheeze evenly(Grana Padano, Parmesan) to the bolied milk. (My choice was Parmesan) And I also Satter Perilla seed powder(Nutty) if you want ‘Gguduck Gguduck’ texture.

7. Add the pasta plates to the pan and delicious finish with stirring all for coating the pasta. The end!

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