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Open Chatroom: ‘Lemon Recipes’

Bak, Ji-yu

Aug 21, 2023


“When life hands you a lemon, squeeze it and make lemonade.”

🪴🤓 “Could you have anticipated that you would live and work in South Korea in your life? Let’s enrich your moments in Korea like squeezing a lemon and making lemonade.”


  • Open Chatroom: Kakao Talk Application

  • First Entrance: 2023. Sep. 23

  • Registration Period: 2023.Aug.21 to 2023.Sep.17

  • Fee (Free): Open-minded Heart

  • The Number of People: max. 50 people limited

  • Types of Chatroom: [Room Type1] Expatriates in South Korea, [Room Type2] Expatriates’ partners in South Korea

💚Kindly check the description of the 🍋chatroom.

  • Q: How to register🔌?

    🖱️Step 1: Please DM me on LinkedIn. (Please email to me for your partner if needed)

    🖱️Step 2: I will ask basic questions to accept you as one of our chat members.

    🖱️Step 3: You will receive an invitation based on our timeline.

    *Why LinkedIn? To protect ourselves from potential criminal and negative situations and to secure unity and to have confidentiality for participants

  • Q: Are you happy with your 🛬expatriation in 🇰🇷South Korea?

    Let me introduce the open chatroom ‘🍋Lemon Recipes’*: The exclusive open chat for expatriates living alone and moving to Korea with their family in South Korea.*

    • Only 🛬expatriates in Korea🇰🇷 can be approved as members.

    • Sharing your normal days in South Korea (Overcoming Loneliness)

    • As an expatriate, 🫂talking about your difficulties/loneliness/happiness in Korea

    • Getting new insights for enriching expatriate lifestyle (hobbies, new learning experiences, activities) in South Korea

    • Expanding🧶 your networks and making new friends

  • Q: Who is the community organizer👩🏻‍🍳?

    Hello, this is Bak, Ji-yu(Click the name to get more information). I am currently working as an intercultural trainer, coach, and consultant with my brand ‘Est 2019. Smell the Seoul’ ( and collaborating with ‘NetExpat’. I am also writing a book inspired by strangers walking through both their unique and normal days.

    Expatriates need communities that can easily chat with other expatriates in the Republic of Korea. I became aware of that after delivering training and coaching to people who just arrived in Korea for living in a few years. After returning from Germany and the UK for my studies, I started my career path as an intercultural trainer (including research and studying for my work). I am experiencing the diverse ways of building communities across cultures and trying to figure out possible strategies for foreign residents in Korea.

  • Q: What are our topics for open chat?

    *Example topics

    • Asking for tips or advice when you feel homesick, get stressed from relationships with locals, feel lonely, miss your family, friends, lovers, and pets, etc. (e.g., how do you cope?)

    • Sharing information for expatriate lifestyle based on South Korea (e.g., which countries are good for vacation departing from South Korea? Which grocery stores are good for my comfort food? Which restaurants are nice? Which city is good for travel in Korea? etc. Where can I spend time with my dogs/cats in Korea? How to be good parents here?)

    • Freely talk about your work to succeed in your international assignments (e.g., when you faced this sort of problem in the past, how did you resolve it?)

    • Advertisements and sales are unacceptable.

  • The Seasonal Lounge for ‘🍋Lemon Recipes’

    • Let’s meet and talk talk!☕

    We will share our expatriate lifestyle and just casually have a chat time without mobile phones! (Once in a season, 7 people are invited.)

    • What is the 🌱seasonal🍉🍁 lounge❄️?

    Let’s meet once every season! The chatroom host (Ji-yu) will randomly invite 7 people who could inspire a joyful expatriate life in Korea. (The number of people and schedule can be flexible.)

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