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Local Korean Films Love Korean History.

Bak, Ji-yu

Jun 2, 2023

The Way To Understanding Korean Culture

I just looked back on the last 3 years of starting a start-up for intercultural training and checked my memos about my work on my mobile. And I noticed that I enjoyed many local Korean films considering training due to COVID-19 limitations(Staying home)

Might be an occupational habit?🧶🌎

After reviewing my raw data, I felt I would like to do good record-keeping (▪️Please visit the below link▪️). Because we know the power of recording🥦 So I curated lists of local Korean films, including a sort of TV series based on timelines of Korean history.

And I also add one more list of ‘Best Movies and Dramas of feeling Diversity in Korea.’ You will be able to experience the social issues Koreans currently face to realize Equity, Inclusion, and diversity by watching films on my curated list.

I hope you enjoy and share my lists with those who are interested in Korean culture and those who need to know about Korean national ethos broadly!🌳🛋🪴

(▪️Please visit the below link▪️)

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